Gujju Marrying a 10 Things You Will Definitely for Gujarati marriage

#1. No hunger games for you!

This one is so obvious; it likely does not even want to be said! Thepla, khakra, dhokla—if there is one department the Gujaratis have aced, it F&B. So whether or not it’s jalebi and gathiya for breakfast, on thepla rolls for your honeymoon, with regards to snacking, you’re blanketed.

#2. The scales will tip now not for your favour

And following the above, allow any length zero desires die a herbal death right now! cause while you’re surrounded with the aid of a bottomless supply of the world’s great snacks, your waistline is in for a few critical enlargement. And don’t neglect the sugar rush… due to the fact if it’s no longer candy, it ain’t making it to the menu…

#three. It’s the time to dandiya

whilst you’re prepping for the huge day, ensure to squeeze in a few dance classes. No, we don’t suggest hip-hop or ballroom, however appropriate vintage dandiya! nothing will win you extra points with the brand new family than having the actions to burn the dance (dandiya) ground… move over Fergie, cause Falguni Pathak is in the residence!

#4. You’ll have plenty of money, honey!

“cash stored is money earned” is the battle cry for this community! with regards to enterprise and cash control, Gujaratis are mythical. From Mukesh Ambani to Aziz Premji & Ratan Tata, the united states of america’s richest men are all Gujarati. And that’s not a generalization, it’s a documented fact! So if you’re getting married to one, your partner is sure to include in-built bargaining and negotiation competencies. Cha-ching toddler….

#5. the world is (packed with) your family

From New Zealand to New Jersey, there’s a Patel in each town, actually! in terms of having aunts and uncles across the planet, no one has it better than Gujaratis. regardless of in which you want to tour, an aunt and a plate of steaming warm dhoklas will by no means be far away.

#6. mind your language

if you don’t talk Gujarati, put together to be lost. Gujjus are widely known for two things—massive family get-togethers and a love for his or her language. And if all you may recognize is “kem cho, majama” then you’re in for a totally pressured existence ahead! So we recommend you sweep up on the fundamentals before the huge day.

#7. Did you say infant?

baby, babu, ben, bhai—the 4 ‘Bs’ cover pretty tons every courting in the network! And for a person from the outside international, this could be very puzzling. From the 50-year-antique child to 12-year-old ben, if you’re trying to bet the age with those phrases of endearment, you’re about to make a few big errors.

#8. Say whats up to trippy tropical vibes!

if you’re marrying a Gujju guy, its excellent you get cozy with a seriously tropical wardrobe, reason they arrive with a quite eclectic taste in clothing. shiny hues, floral prints and palm-tree stimulated shirts are a staple in all their wardrobes, and that they’re now not precisely conscious sporting it. It’s a tropical excursion all yr round.

#nine. And to the “kudi Gujarat di”

in case you’re marrying a Gujju lady, you’ve got no issues just like the above! They like to get dressed up and that they’re absolutely desirable at it (take notice boys, and burn the ones tropical tees). Gujarati weddings are corresponding to style Olympics—it’s aggressive, and all people brings their A-game

#10. G.U.J.J.U-fashion Lovin

From Saif Ali Khan’s circle of relatives in Kal Ho Na Ho, to the latest video of the Ambani circle of relatives wedding, Gujjus are all approximately loving their own family and proud to show it. They’re loud, they’re quirky and that they’re full of affection for every other. So leave apart all apprehensions, cause whilst you do get married into a Gujju domestic, be relaxation confident you’ll be welcomed with open fingers and a truckload of affection.

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