The Best Trendy Groom Accessory Checklist Everything A Groom Needs For His Wedding list

When it comes to the “wedding shopping checklist,” the majority of our attention in our culture is focused on the bride. But what about the men who will be the grooms? In all honesty, we don’t place that much of an emphasis on the groom’s accessories. But in the same way that the bride’s accessories are important, the groom’s accessories are as well. Because of this, the team here at has put together a comprehensive groom accessory checklist to help you achieve a finished look. Therefore, before you start getting ready for the big day, make sure you check off all of the points that we have compiled for you to ensure that your wedding will have a flawless appearance.

1. Safa: Indian Groom Accessory Checklist

When it comes to the accessories that a groom should have for an Indian wedding, the Safa is the one thing that should take precedence over everything else. This is available in a number of different hues and designs. The sherwani that the groom will be wearing on the main day can be chosen to have a contrasting color to the safa that he will be wearing with it. The grooms will have a more traditional appearance when they wear this safa.


2. Kalgi: Groom Accessory Checklist For Indian Wear


The kalgi is a royal symbol that looks very much like a brooch but is worn on the groom’s safa instead of the suit jacket. A kalgi, also spelled kalangi, is a piece of jewelry that is traditionally worn by the groom at north Indian weddings.

3. Bow/Tie: Groom Accessory Checklist For Western Wear

The groom is required to wear a bow tie with his suit on the big day because it is considered an essential accessory. The groom will have the most sophisticated appearance possible as a result. When it comes to these bowties, he has the option of selecting any color that will go with the color of the suit. However, the black color bow tie is the most versatile option because it can be worn with any of your suits. If you’re having trouble keeping track of the different hues, your best bet is to choose a black bow tie.

4. Pocket Square: Groom Accessory Checklist

There are many different ways that pocket squares can be folded, and they look fantastic when worn with sherwanis as well as groom suit jackets. If you are wearing blazers, all you need to do is select a pocket square in either red or white color; however, if you are wearing sherwanis, you should choose the color of the pocket square that contrasts the color of the sherwani you are wearing.

The groom in the displayed photograph has chosen the same color for his sherwani as the one plus shade of the pocket square.

5. Brooch: Groom Accessory Checklist

If you want to make your suit look better, then you should add this brooch to the groom accessory checklist that you have. The brooch is available in a very simple design, making it an ideal accessory for those who prefer to keep things to a bare minimum. Or, there are brooches that come in a very heavy design, which is an option if you like to keep things on the weightier side. Therefore, make the appropriate choice. You can find the brooch in all different sizes, so choose the one that you think looks and feels the most flattering on you.

6. Multichain: Groom Accessory Checklist For Indian Wear

When it comes to traditional attires, multilayered neckpiece is the piece of jewelry that is most commonly worn in India. When it comes to the groom’s jewelry, there is a selection of fashionable neckpieces available to choose from. The image that is being displayed is of the husband of the Indian celebrity Sonam Kapoor. He accessorized his look with a multilayered chain of pearls and a multilayered chain of red stones that he wore around his neck. The combination of these elements lends him an air of royal superiority.

7. Shawl Or Stole: Indian Groom Accessory Checklist

Do you want to appear as regal as possible on your wedding day? Then highlight this point on the list of accessories that you are keeping track of. A shawl is wrap around the groom’s shoulders and drape over his sherwani and suits. The displayed picture is of a Punjabi groom who is carrying his full wedding attire in a very elegant manner.  As he is wearing a stole with his wedding attire, he is giving off the impression of being a prince.

8. Sword: Traditional Groom Accessory Checklist

A sword is a prime ornament in a groom’s outfit. Apart from the ‘Kirpan’ in Sikhism, other marriages also include it while styling the groom. The sword is carried by the kings, and in Indian weddings, the grooms are given the status of kings.

9. Watch: Groom Accessory Checklist

Your watch is the accessory that gives your look that extra bit of allure. When you wear a watch, not only do you look more confident, but you also look smarter. Decide instead on the timepiece that most accurately reflects your character.

10. Cufflinks: Western Wear Groom Accessory Checklist

You will be the focus of everyone’s attention on the day of your wedding. Hence, in addition to the clothes, you plan to wear to the wedding, consider wearing cufflinks with your suits. There is a number of styles available in the cufflinks so you can pick the one that suits the best to you. Or you can even personalize cufflinks for your main day.

11. Leather Belt: Groom Accessory Checklist For Western Wear

Choosing the right leather belt that goes perfectly well with the groom’s outfit is a major task. Grooms often fail to match their belt with the outfit and end up looking peculiar. Hence you can pick the belt for your big day as shown in the picture below. This particular belt will go well with every color of your wedding attire.


12. Juttis Or Shoes: Groom Accessory Checklist


Juttis play an important role in an Indian wedding because all the ladies, especially the sisters of the bride, always keep an eye on them for the Joota Chupai ritual. So when your Juttis are the center of attention, you should make sure they are top-notch. We would suggest you have a backup for your pair of juttis because they can mysteriously vanish in no time.

The days leading up to a wedding are filled with a lot of fun, but also a lot of stress. Especially when it comes to shopping for wedding accessories. As a result, this is a comprehensive list of the groom’s accessories coming from our end. We sincerely hope that the list that we have cover for you was enjoyable to browse. This is the most up-to-date groom accessory checklist that can help your wedding look picture-perfect. Hence, before you go on stage, you need to make sure that you have checked off everything on this list. We’d appreciate it if you could let us know in the comment section whether or not you liked the list. And with that, please let us know if there is anything important that was left off of this list.

The Best Trendy Groom Accessory Checklist Everything A Groom Needs For His Wedding list

When it comes to the “wedding shopping checklist,” the majority of our attention in our culture is focused on the bride. But what about the men who wi

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