Auspicious Dates for Marriage in the Year 2023

equipped to marry your soulmate next year? Haven’t constant the dates yet?
well, no concerns. the item will help you already know all about the auspicious dates for marriage within the 12 months 2023. preserve reading to find out!
Marriage is one of the most lovely reviews in humans’s lives. certainly, one can not come up with the money for to take it any much less seriously. From catering to decorations, venue, clothes, and dates everything must be on factor. but more than something else, Indians are obsessed with dates. there may be a Shubh Muhurat for everything for us. How can marriage rituals miss these auspicious dates? So, here's a list of all of the auspicious dates for marriage with their importance. examine similarly to know!
January is one of the most cold months in maximum parts of Indian areas. it's miles one of the high-quality months to get married for couples who have found their warm temperature in every other. The excellent dates to get married this month are;

18th January 2023

Tithi: Ekadashi upto 15:56

Nakshatra: Anuradha upto 17:10

Yoga: Vriddhi upto 26:39

First Karana: Baalava upto 15:56

Second Karana: Kavala upto 26:42

Vaar: Wednesday (Budhvaar)

25th January 2023

Tithi: Dwitiya upto 18:47

Nakshatra: Dhanishtha upto 24:21

Yoga: Vyatipata upto 25:24

First Karana: Baalava upto 08:34

Second Karana: Kauvala upto 18:47

Vaar: Monday (Somvaar)

27th January 2023

Tithi: Shashthi upto 09:13

Nakshatra: Revati upto 06:23

Yoga: Siddha upto 13:18

First Karana: Taitila upto 09:13

Second Karana: Gara upto 20:57

Vaar: Friday (Shukravar)

30th January 2023

Tithi: Navami upto 10:13

Nakshatra: Krittika upto 22:17

Yoga: Shukla upto 10:41

First Karana: Kauvala upto 10:13

Second Karana: Taitila upto 23:02

Vaar: Monday (Somvaar) 


If you want the weather to be moderate, February is the perfect option for you to get married. There are many auspicious dates to marry in February as given below;

7th February 2023

Tithi: Dwitiya upto 28:28

Nakshatra: Magha upto 17:39

Yoga: Shobhana upto 15:59

First Karana: Taitila upto 15:24

Second Karana: Gara upto 28:28

Vaar: Tuesday (Mangalvaar)

10th February 2023

Tithi: Chaturthi upto 07:58

Nakshatra: Hasta upto 24:10

Yoga: Dhriti upto 16:38

First Karana: Baalava upto 07:58

Second Karana: Kauvala upto 20:34

Vaar: Friday (Shukrawar)

12th February 2023

Tithi: Shashthi upto 09:44

Nakshatra: Swati upto 26:19

Yoga: Ganda upto 15:26

First Karana: Vanija upto 09:44

Second Karana: Vishti upto 21:46

Vaar: Sunday (Ravivaar)

16th February 2023

Tithi: Ekadashi upto 26:47

Nakshatra: Mula upto 22:42

Yoga: Harshana upto 06:57

First Karana: Bava upto 16:10

Second Karana: Baalava upto 26:47

Vaar: Thursday (Guruvaar)

17th February 2023

Tithi: Dwadashi upto 23:33

Nakshatra: Purva Ashadha upto 20:18

Yoga: Siddhi upto 23:36

First Karana: Kauvala upto 13:13

Second Karana: Taitila upto 23:33

Vaar: Friday (Shukrawar)

22nd February 2023

Tithi: Tritiya upto 27:28

Nakshatra: Uttara Bhadrapada upto 28:43

Yoga: Sadhya upto 23:43

First Karana: Taitila upto 16:42

Second Karana: Gara upto 27:28

Vaar: Wednesday (Budhvaar)

24th February 2023

Tithi: Panchami upto 24:37

Nakshatra: Ashwini upto 27:29

Yoga: Shukla upto 18:45

First Karana: Bava upto 13:01

Second Karana: Baalava upto 24:37

Vaar: Friday (Shukravaar)


March is the best month for marriage. Like when else would you feel the cool breeze at night along with warm sunlight on days? All of this makes it decent weather for marriage and its extensive preparations. Some of the auspicious dates to get married in March are;

1st March 2023

Tithi: Dashami upto 30:40

Nakshatra: Mrigashirsha upto 09:50

Yoga: Priti upto 17:02

First Karana: Taitila upto 17:29

Second Karana: Gara upto 30:40

Vaar: Wednesday (Budhvaar)

9th March 2023

Tithi: Dwitiya upto 20:52

Nakshatra: Hasta upto 29:52

Yoga: Ganda upto 21:01

First Karana: Taitila upto 08:20

Second Karana: Gara upto 20:52

Vaar: Thursday (Guruvaar)


A hot breeze along with a moist climate might make it hard for you to bear with the heavy attire. However, early April days will be a better choice to get married. These are some of the auspicious dates to get married in April.

23rd April 2023

Tithi: Tritiya upto 07:49

Nakshatra: Rohini upto 24:28

Yoga: Saubhagya upto 08:20

First Karana: Gara upto 07:49

Second Karana: Vanija upto 20:06

Vaar: Sunday (Ravivaar)

30th April

Tithi: Dashami upto 20:26

Nakshatra: Magha upto 15:24

Yoga: Vriddhi upto 11:10

First Karana: Taitila upto 07:27

Second Karana: Gara upto 20:26

Vaar: Sunday (Ravivaar)


If you are looking to get married in May, make sure you marry in some hill station or have proper arrangements of air conditioning rooms for your guests. Some of the auspicious dates for marriage in May are

3rd May 2023

Tithi: Trayodashi upto 23:46

Nakshatra: Hasta upto 20:47

Yoga: Harshana upto 11:19

First Karana: Kauvala up to 11:35

Second Karana: Taitila upto 23:46

Vaar: Wednesday (Budhvaar)

15th May 2023

Tithi: Ekadashi upto 25:05

Nakshatra: Purva Bhadrapada upto 09:00

Yoga: Vishkambha upto 25:30

First Karana: Bava upto 13:55

Second Karana: Baalava upto 25:05

Vaar: Monday (Somvaar)

21st May 2023

Tithi: Dwitiya upto 22:13

Nakshatra: Rohini upto 09:04

Yoga: Sukarman upto 16:43

First Karana: Baalava upto 09:48

Second Karana: Kavala upto 22:13

Vaar: Sunday

29th May 2023

Tithi: Navami upto 11:46

Nakshatra: Uttara Phalguni upto 28:23

Yoga: Vajra upto 20:51

First Karana: Kauvala upto 11:46

Second Karana: Taitila upto 24:30

Vaar: Monday (Somvaar)


June was most likely named for the goddess Juno, the patroness of marriage and childbirth. So, what can be better than getting married this month? Go ahead, the auspicious dates to marry in June are as follows;

1st June 2023

Tithi: Dwadashi upto 13:34

Nakshatra: Chitra upto 06:42

Yoga: Varigha upto 18:48

First Karana: Baalava upto 13:34

Second Karana: Kauvala upto 25:16

Vaar: Thursday (Guruvaar)

5th June

Tithi: Pratipada upto 06:39

Nakshatra: Mula upto 25:15

Yoga: Sadhya upto 08:40

First Karana: Kauvala upto 06:39

Second Karana: Taitila upto 17:13

Vaar: Monday (Somvaar)

12th June 2023

Tithi: Navami upto 10:37

Nakshatra: Uttara Bhadrapada upto 13:43

Yoga: Ayushman upto 07:52

First Karana: Gara upto 10:37

Second Karana: Vanija upto 22:02

Vaar: Monday (Somvaar)

23rd June 2023

Tithi: Panchami upto 19:53

Nakshatra: Magha upto 31:14

Yoga: Vajra upto 28:24

First Karana: Bava upto 06:40

Second Karana: Baalava upto 19:53

Vaar: Friday (Shukravar)

28th June 2023

Tithi: Dashami upto 27:16

Nakshatra: Chitra upto 15:49

Yoga: Parigha upto 06:00

First Karana: Taitila upto 15:12

Second Karana: Gara upto 27:16

Vaar: Wednesday

30th June 2023

Tithi: Dwadashi upto 25:12

Nakshatra: Vishakha upto 15:58

Yoga: Sadhya upto 25:20

First Karana: Bava upto 13:59

Second Karana: Baalava upto 25:12

Vaar: Friday


July is, on average, the warmest month of the year in the northern hemisphere. So, only marry in July if you are fully ready to beat the heat. The best dates to marry in July are;

9th July 2023

Tithi: Saptami upto 20:05

Nakshatra: Uttara Bhadrapada upto 19:24

Yoga: Shobhana upto 14:45

First Karana: Vishti upto 08:53

Second Karana: Bava upto 20:05

Vaar: Sunday

14th July

Tithi: Dwadashi upto 19:19

Nakshatra: Rohini upto 22:26

Yoga: Ganda upto 08:24

First Karana: Kauvala upto 06:48

Second Karana: Taitila upto 19:19

Vaar: Friday (Shukrvaar)

There are no auspicious dates to marry in the months of August, September, and October. The auspicious dates again start from the month of November from these dates.

22nd November 2023

Tithi: Dashami upto 23:04

Nakshatra: Purva Bhadrapada upto 18:28

Yoga: Harshana upto 14:41

First Karana: Taitila upto 12:07

Second Karana: Gara upto 23:04

Vaar: Wednesday (Budhvaar)

23rd November 2023

Tithi: Ekadashi upto 21:03

Nakshatra: Uttara Bhadrapada upto 17:07

Yoga: Vajra upto 11:48

First Karana: Vanija upto 10:03

Second Karana: Vishti upto 21:03

Vaar: Thursday

29th November 2023

Tithi: Dwitiya upto 14:00

Nakshatra: Mrigashirsha upto 14:00

Yoga: Sadhya upto 20:50

First Karana: Gara upto 14:00

Second Karana: Vanija upto 26:08

Vaar: Wednesday (Budhvaar)


December means lots of holidays, fun, food and celebrations. So, if you are planning to wed in December, do not think twice. These are some of the auspicious dates for marriage in December.

4th December 2023

Tithi: Saptami upto 22:00

Nakshatra: Magha upto 24:30

Yoga: Vaidhriti upto 21:36

First Karana: Vishti upto 08:42

Second Karana: Bava upto 22:00

Vaar: Monday (Somvaar)

7th December 2023

Tithi: Dashami upto 29:05

Nakshatra: Hasta upto 32:49

Yoga: Ayushman upto 23:55

First Karana: Vanija upto 16:06

Second Karana: Vishti upto 29:05

Vaar: Thursday

8th December 2023

Tithi: Ekadashi upto 30:31

Nakshatra: Hasta upto 08:47

Yoga: Saubhagya upto 23:59

First Karana: Bava upto 17:49

Second Karana: Baalava upto 30:31

Vaar: Friday

15th December 2023

Tithi: Tritiya upto 22:29

Nakshatra: Purva Ashadha upto 08:03

Yoga: Vriddhi upto 10:12

First Karana: Taitila upto 11:43

Second Karana: Gara upto 22:29

Vaar: Friday (Shukrawar)

So, these are all the best and auspicious dates to get married in the year 2023. You can finalize your marriage accordingly to spend the rest of your life in happiness and peace.

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