Muslim Marriage Act Age limit Marriage certificate Process

The Muslim Marriage Act was drafted into the Indian legal gadget inside the yr 1954. The Act regulates the solemnization of marriages a few of the Muslim network in India. in step with this Act, each the groom and the bride are to consent to the marriage of their free wills. a proper, binding settlement verbal or on paper is taken into consideration vital to a religiously valid Muslim marriage and outlines the rights and responsibilities of the bride and groom. This Act applies to all Indian citizens, whether living in India or overseas. The country of Jammu and Kashmir is excluded under the ambit of this Muslim Marriage Act, although residents domiciled in other states however living in Jammu and Kashmir might qualify for those provisions. In this newsletter, we can take a look at the Muslim Marriage Act, 1954 in detail.
necessities of Marriage

specifications of a valid Marriage below the Muslim Marriage Act are explained in detail below:

    each the parties (groom & bride) must belong to and professes the Muslim faith or religion
    each of the parties need to as regards age, intellectual capacity and otherwise, be able to contracting marriage
    The bride and groom will now not via motive of some thing contained in the Islamic regulation regarding marriage be prohibited from marrying one another
    As in keeping with this act, the Muslim bride and groom, information the character of the contract, will freely consent to marry one another
    Muslim marriage might be laid low with or earlier than a person appointed as a wedding officer below the provisions of the Muslim Marriage Act
    Marriage may be registered according with the provisions of the Muslim Marriage Act

Non-Applicability of Act

The Muslim Marriage Act isn't always applicable to following the sort of marriages. in any case, the marriages reduced in size and registered below this act, the equal can be null and void ab initio.

    This act is not relevant if either of the events has or had a wife or husband alive on the time of contracting and registering the wedding
    Muslim Marriage Act isn't always applicable if both birthday celebration is directly descended from the alternative
    If the bride is a sister of the male either by means of the whole or the 1/2-blood, marriage won’t be solemnised under the Muslim Marriage Act
    If the groom is a sister of the girl both through the overall or the half of-blood, marriage gained’t be solemnised underneath the Muslim Marriage Act

note: If any person intermarries than in accordance with the provisions Muslim Marriage Act, the marriage of such persons will no longer be registered beneath the provisions of this Act.
Age limit and Consent

The age of someone, being a member of the Muslim network, is able to contracting marriage might be 16 years. If whom being a male is much less than twenty-one years of age or being a girl is beneath eighteen years of age (no longer being a widower or widow), the consent to such marriage might be registered with the presence of following people:

    Father if residing
    If the father is useless, the guardians lawfully appointed or of one among them
    If there's no dad or mum, then of the mom
    If there may be no mom dwelling, then of such different persons as can be appointed by way of the Minister

The above-stated folks will be licensed in writing via the marriage officer by or earlier than whom the marriage is effected upon the certificate of such marriage may be issued according with the provisions of this Muslim Marriage Act.
Muslim Marriage certificate

right away after a Muslim marriage has been affected by or before a marriage officer, he/she will enter in a book to be furnished by means of the Registrar-widespread and kept with the aid of the marriage officer. For that reason, a Muslim Marriage certificate within the prescribed format of the wedding might be signed by way of the wedding officer and through the events to the marriage and with the aid of  credible witnesses, and such marriage officer will enter up in the counterfoil the prescribed particulars and signal the same.

every marriage officer within seven days of a Muslim marriage being laid low with or before him, transmit to the Registrar-preferred the Muslim Marriage certificate. Upon receipt of this certificate the Registrar trendy, if it seems to him that the requisites of a valid Muslim marriage have been complied with and that the consent of any man or woman required by way of this Act to consent to such marriage has been acquired, will reason the identical to be registered.

each marriage officer with out reasonable purpose or excuse fails to transmit to the Registrar-preferred any certificates according with the provisions of this act could be responsible of an offence towards this Act and might be in charge on precis conviction before a Resident magistrate to a fine now not exceeding twenty dollars.

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Muslim Marriage Act Age limit Marriage certificate Process

The Muslim Marriage Act was drafted into the Indian legal gadget inside the yr 1954. The Act regulates the solemnization of marriages a few of the Mus

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